Everyday Evans

A recent trip to the grocery store led to a surprising combo of hugs, tears, and Tide on the detergent aisle, plus a message we'd all do well to keep in mind throughout the season

The other evening I lost it after watching an NBC Nightly News story about a 12-year-old who committed suicide due to bullying. So, here's a few words on why we should celebrate the GOOD in others

Does the fact that I drop George off at doggie daycare make me like one of those people who pushes their dogs around busy streets in strollers? Ugh, I hope not. This and other musings on the subject..

I'm gonna take you back to basics. I'm gonna to tell you why you should be nice, get dressed every day, and why you should (or should never ever?) organize an ice cream social group

A lesson in letting go? How I took a break from the push-push-push of everyday, sat a while, drank a little, and didn't miss a thing

Are you a badass mother&%^$#? That question and more in Grit's Friday 5-Question Challenge. Are you up to it?

2013? So far it's been a big bully. But thanks to a few self-help books, time with my yoga mat, and several jars of Nutella, I've realized that it’s time to get it together. Here's a start...

My favorite fearless tourists in the City of Lights... go brave or go home

This morning was as good a time as any to talk marriage equality over coffee with my mom. "People just want to be a family," she said... Can't we all relate?

Can we get an ovation over here? Some thunderous applause and an air horn? Because haven't we all had this kind of year at some point—this is for anyone craving a new beginning, a fresh start...

Okay, so I fell once or twice in the last year... (I may have even identified with a Taylor Swift song along the way). Here's why this New Year will be worth the trial-and-error, bumps and bruises

The carols, the parties, the wreaths, the cards, the lights. It's all merry merry. Unless, of course, you're not feeling... merry. Here're 5 ways to handle holiday blues (#5: Stop being an asshole)

Instead of Grace Kelly or Anthropologie-style bohemia, I'm tooling around on my new red bike looking decidedly less Hollywood

You get to a point where the "everything happens for a reason" cliches just don't work as well as bald-faced reality—plain spoken truths can be plenty motivational

Am I missing something? Just because my cohabitation partner in crime goes to a female personal trainer, do we really have to start ringing the anxiety alarm bells?

It's time to put my cell phone down, ease into my day with a long stretch instead of a hard jump, and eat more watermelon...

Cancel your plans, it’s time to sink into summer reading—and by "summer reading" I do mean "smutty erotic fiction" in the form of E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey

One sweet lunch taught me how to hold my head up high this swimsuit season

I remember it like it happened yesterday. It was my junior year of college and my dad came into town for a football game. In true Alabama fashion, we rallied to create one of the best tailgates....

The summer after I graduated from college I came home and spent the season terrorizing my mom and putting off the “real world” as I searched for a job.