Welcome, Summer...

Evans Craddock

I’m not sure what happened, but somehow I shut my eyes sometime around March and when I opened them again, it was June. I feel like I spent most of last month bouncing around from one task to the next until BAM! It hit me. It’s summer in Charleston, and I need to slow the hell down.


So as of last night, I’m officially declaring myself in full-fledged Charleston summer mode. What’s that mean for me? It means putting my cell phone down, easing into my day with a long stretch instead of a hard jump, and eating a whole lot more watermelon.

To kick off summer mode, I turned to my trusty four-legged companion, George, and together we spent our Thursday evening soaking up the makings of a wonderful summer. We stopped on George Street to peek into the Cistern, got invited onto a porch party by friendly strangers somewhere on Logan (George is quite the socialite), and then when we made our way back to Cannon Street, we popped by our favorite cat lady’s house to inquire about her day and discuss our mutual love of Sugar Bakeshop.


So here’s to another delicious summer in Charleston. Here’s to farmer’s market berries, ice cream stained tee-shirts, bike rides, fireworks, sandy feet, and a piece of peach pie with your name on it.