Star Veggies From a Steakhouse?

Joan McDonald

Eating vegetables fresh from the garden can’t be beat! I especially love it when dining at another’s table makes me feel as if I’m eating from my own garden. And so was the case recently when a group of five friends and I headed down to Market Street to try out Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill, which opened last fall. “Wait, I thought that was a steakhouse?” Well, yes! But I was excited to go to a spot that uses my favorite farm-to-table practice, serving fresh, locally grown produce. They're also table-to-farm friendly—their leftovers are composted back at those same area farms. The restaurant sources local ingredients from GrowFood Carolina, Charleston Spice Co., St. Judes Farm, Mepkin Abbey, Rosebank Farm Stand, and Joseph Fields Farm, among others.


One of my fellow diners was a vegetarian, so he navigated the menu solely on vegetable selections. I’m a veggie lover, so we stuck close to those produce picks. Here's what I would suggest for fellow farm-to-table fanatics:


My first dose of vegetables came with our specialty crafted cocktails. I ordered the Beet Farm Collins, which is a mix of Hendricks gin, house soda, fresh beet juice, and lemon. 


As an appetizer, our table shared the Grilled and Melted Brussels Sprouts off the sides menu. (They were so good I am craving them now.)


The side of Roasted Rutabaga and Parsnip Mash was excellent. The Haricot Vert French Green Beans were cooked just right, too—not over done and fresh, fresh, fresh! 


As a quick aside: We ordered the Rock Candy starter, which is a stone seared rib eye top cap with a port wine Gorgonzola sauce. Though it contained no veggies, it was served on a 700-degree hot stone, so it continued to sear the dish at our table. Fun and different.


Front Yard to Table friends, dine with confidence. This place was good! Feel free to share your comments!


Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill

14 N. Market Street

(843) 737-8700,