Poogan's Porch Signature Dinner was a CHSWFF hit

Whitney Currin


Sometimes, an unforgettable experience just falls into your lap.


We ran into some old friends of ours at the opening night of Charleston Wine + Food.


It was a solid choice of scallops and pork belly that had us lingering around the table for quite some time. In fact, long enough for Chef Dan Doyle and Chef Ben to catch on that we were true believers of a Charleston classic, Poogan’s Porch.


We lucked out and got an invite to the Charleston Wine + Food Friday night Poogan’s signature dinner.




Dinner was at 7 pm with seven delectable and inventive courses from local and guest chefs—and included Mira Winery pairings for each.



Mira Winery is a Napa Valley education center and wine tasting room conveniently located right next to Poogan’s Porch.


When we arrived at dinner we sat at a communal table at the dinner and conveniently enough we were sat right next to Mark of Charleston Mira Winery and Gustavo A. Gonzalez, Mira Winery Winemaker. Best seat pairings, food pairings, and wine pairings if you ask me.


Dinner included the Chef and Operating Partner of Poogan’s Porch, Daniel Doyle; Executive Chef of Poogan’s Porch, Benjamin Harris; Chef Nick Leahy of Saltyard in Atlanta; and Chef and Operating Partner Bruce Moffett of Barrington’s in Charlotte.


  1. Lobster Roll presented by Bruce Moffett

  2. Scallops by Nick Leahy

  3. Gnocchi - Chef Doyle & Harris

  4. Duck Breast - Chef Doyle & Harris

  5. Bone Marrow - Chef Doyle & Harris

  6. Moon Pie - Chef Tara


Lobster Roll was straight out of the Northeast, Maine to be exact and you could definitely taste it.


The Scallops were easily a crowd favorite smothered in prosciutto broth and garlic. The garlic literally melted in your mouth like butter.


The duck breast came out as smooth and tender as possible, it was not overcooked and still contained all of its mild and savory juice.


The gnocchi was easily the best prepared we have had in town. The features to this dish were to die for being parmesan and braised veal stuffed.


The final entree item was short rib with bone marrow and a side of peanut succotash with sweet potatoes. Bone marrow is unfamiliar for many, but let me tell you—you have got to try it.


Poogan’s Porch flies under the radar quite often, being very low key and laid back service, but it is definitely a restaurant you should keep high on your radar. Once a year they do a rollback menu which throws back menu prices to what they were in 1974 where everything on the menu is 40% off. It is a restaurant of good southern eats made with good local goods. They value the produce they put on the table and entice you to dive deeper in your knowledge of local goods.


Next best night out with the friends, date night with the significant other, or fun brunch, in my mind, includes a meal at Poogan’s Porch followed by a short step over to Mira Winery’s next door Tasting Room.