March 7, 2014

Instant Grit

And the blog of the week is.......Southern Charm. What We Learned. Episode 1. by Hunter Gardner. Here, he, along with some help from Duke E. Brown and The Royal Tinfoil, take to the streets of Charleston to see if some of the issues and situations that seemed so commonplace on Monday night's airing of Bravo TV's Southern Charm were in fact normal, or if everyone was just crazy. Cocaine, birth control, polo and Stabbin Cabins were discussed, and the people have spoken. Here's another look at this hilarious video that will make you second guess the reality of this reality show that has everyone in the Lowcountry talking. 

Speaking of Charm, Conan takes a stab at learning some southern charm in Atlanta. The description of the spoons at the dinner table might be as perfect a fit for this post as I have ever seen. Happy Blog of the Week!