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Bartenders have an unspoken oath: Don't talk poorly of bars where you don't work. It's unbecoming. Well luckily I've always thought that was a dumb rule. Corporate bars are garbage. Spending a half million dollars to create a "dive" bar is a joke. There are maybe 10 bars I like in Charleston. And I frequent less than that. One of those bars that I do frequent is The Recovery Room.

In the season two premiere of Shepic Fail, watch as Shep Rose and Hunter Gardner learn the ins and outs of pet photography from PPA photographer Chris Martin.

Grit-worthy Charleston events 3/13–3/15. Trust us, you'll have a blast.

VIDEO: Catch a sneak peek of Charleston Grit's first-ever vlog with bloggers Shep Rose and Hunter Gardner.

In this week's Blog of the Week, Hunter Gardner gives us three reasons we should all be listening to local band Shovels and Rope.

A fatal shooting occurred last night at The Gardens, an apartment complex in West Ashley. Our community comes together on Twitter to mourn the deputy killed in this seemingly senseless crime.

Comedians Jeremy McLellan and Hunter Gardner seek laughs, diversity in The Puppy Dog Comedy Show

There's still time to get your tickets for the Most Races Show On Earth, described to us by our go-to funny man Hunter Gardner in this week's Blog of the Week.

We're at it again! Last night, at the beautiful home of Reclaimed Designs, we honored some writers and friends with a soirée filled with food, drinks, music, and most importantly, smiling faces

We can't get enough Southern Charm! Here's our Blog of the Week featuring funny man Hunter Gardner and his buddy Sam Hendry taking a shot at trying to understand the world of Charleston's elite.

We couldn't help but make Hunter Gardner's street interviews our Blog of the Week with his hilarious questions and quick jabs at Charleston's very own reality show. Well done sir, well done.

Are we crazy!? Are the things we saw on the much awaited Southern Charm reality show normal for an everyday Charlestonian. Local comedian Hunter Gardner gives us the first of his weekly reviews.

The first day of the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival featured great sets by AJ Ghent, Dawes, Natalie Maines, and a cover-heavy set by the Zac Brown Band

Decide what to be and go be it—that's the theme of this week's BOTW. It's also the theme of this hilarious BatDad video. Trust us... you should watch

Here it is! Also... Have you heard that it's Shark Week?! Since it's all everyone's been talking this week, let's take a look at some of the funnier Shark Week jokes before it's all over...