How This Southern Gal Tried (and loved!) Alligator Sausage

Maggie Lott



It's been said a million times that Mondays can just be the worst. However, they can be vastly improved by something simple, like a great cup of morning coffee, or an insightful conversation. My Monday improved by leaps and bounds by attending the Beer Pairings Dinner at Morgan Creek Grill.


Morgan Creek Grill and Freehouse Brewery teamed up for a 6-course meal that was out of this world. How the pairings came about can be quickly summed up by Executive Chef Matt Lagace: they took a field trip to the brewery and got to pick what they liked. Going back to the type of menu they have at Morgan Creek, they could easily pair the beers they loved with some of their favorite dishes.


Morgan Creek Grill Chef Matt Lagace


My first favorite dish was our starter, their House Made Cracker Jacks. Fresh popcorn was tossed in molasses and bacon fat and topped with pecans and bacon. This was paired with Freehouse's Greendoor IPA. The bright and clear IPA didn't impede the smoky and sweet flavors of the popcorn, nor was the beer too bitter to be off-putting.


Coming in at a close second was their Alligator Sausage. To be honest, I can be a pretty picky eater, and since I was there to try foods, I leaped out of my comfort zone and into this dish. It was sensational and I would easily order it again. On the plate were stone-ground mustard and picked vegetables. Paired was the Battery Brown Ale, a mild brown ale with medium roasted barley that keeps it straight forward.


House-made Cracker Jacks


Of course, I couldn't forget about dessert. It was a Zabaglione, a custard made over a double boil that is paired with and included the seasonal Kiwi Pêche. With every bite of the custard, you could taste the bubbles from the beer rising to your palate.


Be sure to check out both Freehouse and Morgan Creek Grill the next time you are looking for an incredible experience in the Lowcountry.