Home is Where... the Words Are? Introducing Poets House South

Stephanie Hunt

If home is where they always have to let you in, then every writer needs a home. An open door. A welcome mat. A stocked cupboard and handmade ceramic coffee cup, or a well-used wine glass is, of course, equally good. Maybe both. 


A place where you can spill words out on the page and not worry about whether they leave a stain or not. A place where fellow writers and/or wannabe writers will offer encouragement, helpful criticism, a few training tips, a pen if yours runs out of ink, a beer when you come up dry. 


Writing is like long distance running—it's lonely out there, and tiring, and occasionally boring because you get so stuck in your own self-doubts and sore writer's quads. A good writing group is like finding that coach who cheers you on and makes it somewhat bearable, maybe even fun. 


Lucky for you, Charleston, poets Brit Washburn and Bryan Penberthy have created that writers' home at 107 Ashley Avenue. Added bonus: it's one of those fabulously wow Charleston homes. With a spectacular curvy curling staircase so you feel like your ascending into a truly magical realm, which of course you are. Poets House South (a nod to the Big Apple's venerable Poets House) is Brit and Bryan's brainchild and abode, but its also the coolest Charleston salon-with-a-view-and-piazza. A gathering place for poetry readings, wine tastings, musicales, book signings, and on first Tuesdays of the month), a Writers Workshop, which is open to you, the writer who needs that friendly little nudge. 



It's for all comers. Just bring your paper and pen, 10 or so copies of a piece (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, recipes, whatever!) that you're working on, and then the magic begins. Wine and nibbles welcome if you're so inspired. But mostly, just bring it on home. Climb those stairs, one a time, curl your way up into that place where words find their place, and you find your place with them. Just like our neighbor Bill Murray does in this clip from Poets House in NYC.





Poets House South, Built circa 1829. Poeticized in 2012. 

Writers Workshop 

First Tuesdays of the month, 7 p.m.  

107 Ashley Ave, Apt A. 


Plus! Mark your calendar now for the next Sunday Musicale Soiree on February 24th. Check out their Facebook page for more info.