Holiday Hostessing Inspiration for Days...

5 Charleston creatives + the Ooh! Events warehouse = 5 seriously gorgeous holiday tablescapes (from a kids' table to a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme) and 101(ish) ideas for us to steal...

So, I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for the first time. Technically it was at my house four years ago when Lilly was just two weeks old, but that didn’t count because I didn’t do a thing. This time I need to put in some effort. Lucky for me I was invited by Ooh! Events to come play in their warehouse, dream up an ideal tablescape, and present it to friends and Charleston creatives last week at their Holiday Tablescape event. So now I’m bursting with ideas to share with you.



I showed up a few days before the event to look around, dream up my space, and pull my materials. Ooh! Events’ 25,000 sq ft warehouse is overflowing with the most amazing finds. You really should stop by and look around. I guarantee it’ll inspire you to have a little party. It’s pretty much a hostess’ heaven and I had a ball cruising the aisles. 



Then I showed up for the party!



I totally went with a girly theme. I envisioned some ideal scene I probably discovered on pinterest and rolled with it. Think good girlfriends all dolled up celebrating Thanksgiving under a big oak tree in a field. 



There were a totol of 5 of us that presented tablescapes. Here we are with Ooh! Events owner Lisa Thomas. 



Sally Bennet of Mirth Studio (which please note is about to launch the most amazing floor tile company) created a lounge space using her painted wooden floor tiles. I flipped out over these. 



Barbara Beach (who makes adorable children’s clothes that Lilly wears) created a table that I just wanted to crawl into. This is just dreamy. 



Deirdre Zahl (Candy Shop Vintage owner, you’ve seen me wear her pieces) came up with the prettiest Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed table. Isn’t this so fun? 



And Perri Stilp (owner of the most quality and amazing children’s camp, Camp Perri) created a holiday table for kids complete with a hot chocolate station and homemade crayons. She’s brilliant. 



Extra big thanks to Clay Austin Photography for all the amazing images. He is seriously awesome and was a lot of fun to work with. Squeezeyour drinks always make me happiest at parties around town. WildFlour Pastry, I must have more of your salted caramel tarts soon. Everyone was talking about them. And lastly a big thank you to Ooh! Events for putting on this event. I enjoyed working and partying with all of you. 



Images by Clay Austin Photography