Getting Hyped for the Holidays...

Renae Brabham
It's the second week of November. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't started a Thanksgiving dinner shopping list.
The radio station announced this morning that it's going to play continuous Christmas music on iheart (by consumer choice) for any listeners that want to get a jump on the holiday. I'm tempted (for a chuckle and to see what they would play) to call and request Thanksgiving music. I nixed the idea, mostly because I am grateful they gave me the choice to opt out of the forced eight weeks of Christmas music. I'm a little burnt out—the ice cream truck in my neighborhood has been playing "Here comes Santa Claus" since July. 
I don't really want to get on the bandwagon of the early bird bashers. The holidays mean something different to all of us, and bless their hearts if they want to get the glitter and tinsel out at Halloween, that's fine with me.
The truth is that I can hardly contain my own self, it's on like Calgon December 1st for me. A personal choice... There's really nothing appealing about dusting ornaments on my Christmas tree.
I will admit to peeking in closets early and searching for the "first" decorations, one being a fruit cake doorstop. And I'll admit to sniffing the essential oils to conjure up a batch of Christmas soap.
But for now, I am excited about Thanksgiving and all of our family's simple, steadfast traditions. The grocery store shopping for that magnificent meal, wishbone wishes, Don's surprise side dish, leftovers, and my personal favorite—the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!
There are no expectations, other than showing up with an empty stomach to share good food with family, friends, and hopefully a few new friends, passersby, or strangers. Yep, let the mat at the door mean what it says. Welcome.  
I will spend the next three weeks in this season. The one that holds the memories of a refrigerator brimming with kid art... paper plates painted with five-finger turkeys and stick pilgrims. And every day of this season I will be thankful that it's those memories that remain. Not the hurts and differences. Isn't that similar to Thanksgiving's true origins? Putting down the rifles, the tomahawks, and opening the fort doors?
Over the next few weeks, my cabinets will fill, the refrigerator will groan, and the grocery list will get longer. I just added another dish this morning, I'm going to try the Southern Thanksgiving recipe Oyster Pie (new for me)!  
Happy Thanksgiving season, everyone! And let me share with you my favorite Thanksgiving song!