Don't Be Afraid of Your Birthday

So many of us are afraid of aging, but guess what? It's going to happen. No need to fret about those candles on your cake—here are my tips and top product picks for making your youthful look last

Tick-tock goes the clock! As the years pile up, so can the sunspots and wrinkles. But don't fret about turning another year older—turn that frown around and embrace another gorgeous year! Like a friend used to say, the youngest you are ever going to be again is today, so own it and LOVE it.


I have been celebrating birthday week with a love of mine these past few days. She has not only relished this mid-30s birthday (hence the birthday week,), she wants to celebrate it all month long. And I say, go sister! 


So many of us are afraid of aging, but guess what? It is going to happen. As a makeup artist, though, it is my job and my pleasure to give you tips on how to remain you brightest and most beautiful regardless of your age. 


So here they are, my ACP Tips and Top Picks for looking and feeling your beauty best at every age.



Getting plenty of sleep and exercise and keeping a healthy diet is certainly the place to start. The next is your beauty routine: exfoliating, moisturizing, and protecting your skin with sunblock can help minimize the effects of aging. Dry or dead skin cells can make us appear older than we are, so it’s important to slough off that tired skin and hydrate frequently. And since 70 percent of premature aging is caused by sun damage, lather up on the sunscreen baby!! There are also certain makeup tricks and beauty products (listed below!) that you should definitely have in your makeup bag. 


- Exfoliator: Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel. This gel mask burns like hell, but, honey, once you have rinsed, you may have to catch yourself from falling back when you see how your skin glows in the mirror.


- Moisturizer: I will just be honest and say that I have too many favorites when it comes to moisturizer. My advice is for you to talk to a beauty adviser about which product suites your skin’s needs. Also, don't be frugal on your moisturizer. It is your only skin, after all.


- Sunblock: Hands down I love the LUCA products, which are made right here in Charleston. Their products work on and protect even the most sensitive of skin. In terms of makeup that contains SPF protection, I have always loved Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. This product is magic! It gives just the right amount of coverage and the most beautiful, healthy glow. 


- Eyes: Thicker lashes and brows can help maintain a youthful look. And for this, I love RevitaLash.


- Lips & cheeks: I adore a pink cheek. Nothing makes you look brighter and more fresh than a flush of pink on the high cheek. For lips, I tend to go more nude as we get older. Just a dab of gloss will keep the pout looking luscious.


- Brightener: The trick to getting an age-defying glow? Brightener! So much so that I've already written a full post on the magic of this makeup. Read this for tips on what kind to use and how to apply it  


- Smile! A smile wrapped around a great attitude is the key for keeping a youthful look.


I love getting older! In my eyes, the path that we go down as the years fly by lead us to our true beauty. Call me cocky, but I tend to feel that as the years gather so does my knowledge of who I am, what works for me and looks best on me, and most importantly, being more mature has brought me comfort in my own skin.


Until next time my loves,