The Best Deals In Charleston's Restaurants: Friday.

Diana Barton

O-Ku Happy Hour


Upper King might not seem like the best place to find a deal on a Friday night for dinner. With its swanky restaurants and shopping, you might be surprised to learn that hiding in the upscale end of King Street is a delicious deal that can’t be passed up. O-Ku specializes in putting a modern twist on traditional Asian cuisine with its handcrafted dishes created using local ingredients. This Friday night I stick with the sushi for the half-price rolls during happy hour. 


I get to the restaurant right at five o’clock and there are already people waiting to be seated. The contemporary décor meshes well with the exposed brick and high ceilings of a Charleston building, giving the room a sophisticated feel. Seats are available at the bar, tables, and even sofas at the front of the room. 


Roll with it. 


The makimono, or rolled sushi list, features an enticing array of sticky rice and seafood creations. The two that I have set in my sights are the Spider and Oyster Roll and the Rainbow Roll. 


The Spider and Oyster Roll includes tempura soft-shell crab and oyster, cucumber, avocado, masago (roe of the capelin fish), and eel sauce. This tasty treat is soft and crunchy in all the right places and definitely a steal at only $6.50 (originally $13). 


The Rainbow Roll is a seafood-wrapped roll filled with snow crab, cucumber, avocado, and masago. A common choice among sushi lovers, this roll has a lot of flavor from the different seafood on top and is a good choice for a filling meal. Originally $14, this dish is only $7 during happy hour. 



When life gives you lemons…


The meal would not be complete without a taste of the restaurant’s signature drink, The Shogun. Citrus is always a must with seafood, and this cocktail completes the dinner. A combination of lemon juice, lemon balm infused agave nectar, basil, gin, and soda, this light drink is perfect for sipping with sushi. 

 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5-7 pm