Recommended reading for anyone taking on the bridge tomorrow—we loved getting new Bridge Run Hall of Fame inductee Rives Poe's takes on what to do, what not to do, even how to eat...

Ever wonder who those folks in the first Bridge Run corral are? You know, the ones lining up with the Kenyans? I caught up with one of them, Rives Poe, to find out what super powers make her so speedy

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Okay, I admit I struggled with this story for a bit. I had a hot flash, left to go get some snacks, forgot what I was doing, remembered what I was doing, and came back....

We Bridge Run veterans think we know it all. All the 1,956 douchey things you can do during a race that irritates/fascinates the rest of the pack. But I heard a new one today....

How long does it take to chuck the rose-colored glasses and see the cold, hard, cute, unvarnished truth about him (or her)? Move in together, then add a day, maybe two....