Honey, You've Got Peanut Butter Stuck to Your Face

How long does it take to chuck the rose-colored glasses and see the cold, hard, cute, unvarnished truth about him (or her)? Move in together, then add a day, maybe two....


I was warned about cohabitation. Mostly by my mom who glared at me and said, “Oh hell, none of my kids listen to me anyway. Just do it.”


So let’s get personal. Let’s talk about the times you come home from work and you really want to binge eat for a solid hour on anything and everything you can put your hands on in the kitchen while watching Dr. Oz. But you don’t. Because your boyfriend is standing there lookin’ all healthy and noshing on some apple slices. That lasts for a little while until one day when you just can’t hold back and suddenly you’ve scarfed down a banana and peanut butter in 45 seconds. Your presentation? Licking peanut butter off a spoon, of course. Somehow, he manages to see past the peanut butter remnants all over your chin as you mosey over to him to give him a hug. 


But it gets even better. Soon things get even more comfortable. You catch each other’s eyes in the mirror as he brushes his teeth with his black socks on and you start laughing. And then you comment on how you haven’t shaved your legs in three days (It is winter, after all) and he retorts with, “I should take a shower today, but I’m not going to.” And you laugh at each other and make fun of how he puts special lotion on his temples to make him sleep and you use Ponds Cold Cream like a 75 year-old woman.


But isn’t this what it’s all about? Learning about the effects of long work days (lack of showering, binge eating, and dark circles to name a few) and stress and how you two can (hopefully) see past the messy hair and the baggy faded t-shirt and hold hands and laugh at the end of it? I sure hope so.


Because I’m diggin’ it.