The #BachelorBreakdown: WEEK 6

Molly Wickham



Week 6? I can’t believe it. Time flies when you’re watching others on a quest to find true love, I guess.


We left off last week in NOLA with Taylor confronting Nick about Corinne’s lies. Nick and Corinne both look annoyed and honestly after one whole week of no Taylor, I’m a little annoyed too. Taylor approaches with what might be the best quote of the entire night, “Two things; 1. Corinne, you lied today and 2. Nick, can I talk to you.” L O L. Like why did she make such a serious case for those two statements? Corinne sips her champagne and then dramatically slams the glass down while telling some off-camera producers what’s going on. As if they don’t already know. Taylor and Nick walk outside so Taylor can speak her peace. Her peace is that she hates Corinne. That’s it. Wow, good thing we waited for that shocker.  


This time Nick makes sure Taylor actually gets in a vehicle that won’t bring her back to him. Now we’re all on edge if he’s going to send Corinne home after that confrontation, (and maybe the commercials for this week’s episode) but he doesn’t. He confirms that he sees a lot of potential in Corinne and that he wants to continue exploring their relationship.


The girls roll up to the cocktail party at a beautiful Louisiana plantation in true bachelor fashion- a horse-drawn carriage. Chris Harrison shows up to announce to the girls that there won’t be an actual cocktail party because Nick already knows what he wants and doesn’t need to talk to anyone. Girls begin to panic.


Rachel, Corinne, and Danielle M. already have roses, so they are safe for this go round. Kristina, Raven, Vanessa, Danielle L., Jasmine, and Whitney all get roses during the ceremony leaving Left Shark (Alexis?), Jaimi, and Josephine to be hitting the road. None of those girls leaving surprises me. Except maybe Alexis. She was pretty hilarious, but the other two, meh.



Now the group is off to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. They arrive at another penthouse at the local Marriott where they just happen to walk onto their balcony as Nick’s seaplane flies by. The girls all wave and yell to him when the camera goes to a shot of Nick in the seaplane waving back. Get TF out of here. When the seaplane lands, the girls are all there to greet Nick to find out he’s about to go on a one-on-one date with Kristina.


Kristina and Nick hop on the seaplane and head off to a deserted beach somewhere on the island. If you’ve been paying close attention all season, you’re probably aware of everyone who has had one-on-one dates and who hasn’t. If you didn’t know, no worries because Jasmine repeatedly complains about how she hasn’t had a one-on-one yet. She’s on a beautiful island for basically free and she’s crying because she didn’t get to go on a date with Nick. I’m over here like “wanna trade places, or...?”


Nick and Kristina are on their date just chilling and swimming in the Caribbean and I can’t help but think how boring of a date? (Shout out to Nick wearing the Chubbies en fuegos swim trunks. The man has taste.) After they leave the beach and head to dinner, Kristina opens up about her journey growing up in Russia and her adoption into America. Holy crap. What admiration I have for this woman. At first, I didn’t think Nick was going to keep her around for much longer, but after the story, my mind has changed. Is Nick even worthy of Kristina and how strong of a woman she is? Like her story, Nick opens up about how knowing Kristina brings color to his life. Nick gives her the rose and they stroll off to this weird but cool venue of live music and dancing inside a gazebo.



We go back to the hotel room where Jasmine is still complaining about how she didn’t get the one-on-one date.  A new date card arrives and it’s a group date for Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle M., and Jasmine. More complaining from Jasmine.


The girls and Nick hop on a boat that takes them to Abi Beach where they will enjoy a little fun and sun. Minus the fun. Everyone seems to be having a good time playing cornhole and having some drinks, when Nick suggests playing some three-on-three volleyball. Every girl is seriously pissed about the day. No one wants to compete for time with Nick, no one wants to play volleyball, Corinne is drunk, Jasmine’s complaining about Nick not noticing her on this date or ever, and every one else is just off pouting or crying by themselves looking off into the ocean.


The cocktail portion of the evening is just as awkward as the day date. Every girl is complaining to Nick about how much they hate group dates and don’t want to be on them. Well, duh? Nick acknowledges how his plan of a fun day has literally backfired on him. Which is weird, because this is the same date that backfired on Ben Higgins last season when they were on a group date in the Bahamas.


We’re graced with another clip of Jasmine complaining about the one-on-one situation. Like why would he give you a rose? All you’ve done today is complain. Send her home. She finally gets to talk to Nick and pretty much confronts him on how he doesn’t even acknowledge her being in the house. She confesses how much she likes him and can see a future with him, but has literally complained all day on how she’s never got to spend time alone with him. You cannot fall in love with someone by stalking his social media before coming on the show. Things turn awkward when she starts talking about how she just wants to choke him sometimes and then actually wraps her hands around his throat multiple times. Telling the guy that you want to choke him is not the way to get a one-on-one date, he’s going to need witnesses at all times around you. Nick realizes the distance in their relationship and unfortunately sends her home. Not surprised. She cray. Although we didn’t actually see a rose be given during that group date, we learn the next morning that Raven got the group date rose.


We’re now on the two-on-one date with Nick, Whitney, and Danielle L. What’s weird with this date is neither of the girls have had drama and trouble with each other. Strange move for the show’s history of these kinds of dates.


I don’t even remember what Whitney and Nick talked about when they had their alone time, if that tells you anything about my opinion on her. During the along time with Danielle L., she opens her heart about their relationship so far and I think Nick gets it. I think he really likes her.



Nick steps away from his conversation with Danielle L. leaving me freaking out that he needed a moment to think before breaking up with her, when really he just gets up to go break up with Whitney. Whitney tries to throw some shade asking Nick if he thinks Danielle L. is ready to be in a relationship. What is this garbage? Nick fires back that this has nothing to do with Danielle and more to do with his relationship with her. Go Nick!


Nick then walks Whitney out, which is weird because they’re on an island and they’re already “out”. He hops into the helicopter with Danielle and leaves Whitney in the sand to watch. The Bachelor crew is so savage with these date exits.


Sans Whitney, Danielle and Nick go on their evening date of exploring these underground tunnels on the island which are kinda cool, yet kinda creepy. Per usual, they’re dinner consists of in depth conversations about their pasts dates on the season so far and qualities that they want in a relationship. The qualities they both want match to a T and my heart is so full for them. Danielle L. shares that she’s falling in love with him and how they seem on the same page with everything.


We hear a voiceover of Nick just talking about how much he wanted her to be someone he could love, but he just can’t reciprocate. WHAT??? After he confesses to Danielle how his heart just isn’t in it with her, we can tell she’s devastated and so am I. She was my bracket winner and I don’t even know if I can finish writing this post because I’m so upset. Like Nick, what are you doing? Does he want love so bad that he’s trying too hard? Danielle leaves the show with such class and I wish her the best. Tears.


The rest of the girls are back at the hotel when producers come in to take the second suitcase. The girls now know that he sent both Danielle and Whitney home, which would be three girls leaving in like a span of two days. Nick shows up to girls’ hotel living room where you can tell they’re all surprised with his arrival. He begins to cry about how optimistic he was about his relationship with Danielle and so many other girls that are still there, but he’s scared that he’s trying too hard and can’t reciprocate the feeling for anyone. Dramatically, he walks out after stating he doesn’t know if he can do this anymore. No one runs after him.



What’s going to happen? Will Nick continue on his journey to find love? Will there be another episode next week? Jk, there's confirmation with next week's episode when we get a little sneak peek of Corinne being…well, Corinne!


Quote of the night, off camera: 
“Nick is never going to find love because he is stupid.” –a wise man I know.