Avoid a Makeup Meltdown

Andrew C. Petersen

This HEAT! This overwhelming, blistering heat! As soon as I step off my front porch, it looks as if I’ve just come back from a dip in the Atlantic. I’ve instructed the dog to walk himself and begged my postman to hand-deliver all my mail to save me a trip to my mailbox. I’ve clipped an electric fan to the front of my shirt, and all my meals consist of pineapple popsicles. Okay, my sweethearts, some of these may be slight exaggerations, but you get my point—the dog days of summer are upon us. I know you all are asking yourself, “How do I maintain my sexy? How will this heat affect my beauty routine?” Well, you ask and I answer. I have some great glam tips up my sleeve to save the day. So pour yourself a tall glass of sweet iced tea and take notes.


Then followed that beautiful season… Summer….

Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape

Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


1. If you are going to be enjoying the ‘magical light’ of summer that Longfellow describes, you MUST make sure your skin is protected. If you’re going to the beach, get yourself a sun hat—you can pick up a wide-brimmed straw hat from everywhere to the local TJ Maxx to Neiman Marcus. But a sexy sun hat isn’t enough on these sizzling afternoons. You must remember that sunscreen is absolutely vital. Without it you are leaving yourself prone to premature aging, skin blemishes, and worst of all—melanoma. I have come across a light-as-a-feather sunblock that not only is a miracle worker but is produced locally here in the Lowcountry. It’s called LUCA. I recommend using the LUCA SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer. This super formula “provides up to six hours of protection,” which is about three hours longer than normal sunscreens sold on the market. And pair your sunblock with a mineral powder foundation, in lieu of a heavier liquid foundation, to keep things light.




2. A healthy natural bronze glow in the summer is the envy of all and makes you look fresh and relaxed. But, as I mentioned in tip number one, the secret is getting this look without pruning yourself in the damaging rays of the sun. I have a suggestion: First, exfoliate your skin (especially your elbows and knees), then pick up L’Oreal Sublime Bronze from your local drugstore. I adore this spray! It goes on like a fine mist, doesn’t require blending, delivers the most beautiful color, and has a scent that reminds me of the beach. 



3. The next thing I would suggest to beat the heat is to switch from using a moisturizer to a serum. A moisturizer will only add a layer of heaviness to your skin. A serum is not only a much lighter alternative that works for all ages and skin types, but it provides the benefits of anti-aging ingredients, moisture-retaining qualities, as well as immediate and lasting results all within a water-like texture. My personal fave is Laura Mercier Multi-Vitamin Dual Phase Serum. This dual-phase vitamin serum activates when combined to help the skin looker younger, well rested, and revitalized! What woman doesn't want that? 



4. Meltdowns of any variety are best avoided, because when they happen, they're a special shade of tragic written all over your face! Keep these teeny products close at hand to beat the summer blues and still look and feel like the epitome of ‘so fresh and so clean’!


MD Skincare EZ4U 2 GO 4 in 1 Facial Treatment
These handy towelettes treat all skin types and will cleanse and moisturize all without water.



Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Lip Gloss in Sexy Nude
This shade looks gorgeous on every client that I’ve ever tried it on. I have them calling me up to deliver this shade by the dozen. Trish McEvoy’s Booster lip glosses are brilliant because not only do they contain Booster serum to hydrate the lips but they also provide SPF protection. Nothing is easy and as brightening to any complexion than a dot of lip gloss. Not only does it give the lips a fresh appearance but it also gives a more youthful look!



Evian Mineral Water (travel size)
What a handy way to refresh your complexion, set your makeup, remove perspiration, and deliver a cool mist all in one!



Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant by Fresh
Now don’t laugh, but I am a fan of being prepared for every emergency. Lets all ‘raise our hands to be sure’-but in this case raise our hands and be Sugar fresh!



Okay beauty mavens, we are officially ready for whatever Summer 2012 has to throw our way. These quick-fix solutions will have you prepped to meet the balmy (cute word for sweaty!) afternoons and magical rays of the sun protected, powered, misted, and scented. I’d love to hear how some of these tips may have worked for you because above everything else, summer makeup should feel weightless, make us look crisp, and, most importantly, be easy.