28 Hairstyles in 28 Days? You're Almost There!

Bailey Desiree Bial



February is quickly coming to an end! Let Bailey help you wrap it up with a final weeks' worth of fresh styles for your hair. 

Day 22: Sunday, Feb. 22—Side Topsy Tail 
Remember the Topsy Tail? Well, it’s back in full force! This is such a fun way of switching up your daily, average ponytail. Start with an ordinary ponytail, then create an opening underneath the base. Take the ponytail and simply loop it up and through the opening, resulting in a cool twisted pony! Try it on the side like I did, and leave the ends to stick out (keep the ends straight for a more edgy look). March over to Elliotborough Mini Bar for their five-course tasting dinner + beer pairing this afternoon!
Day 23: Monday, Feb. 23—Classic Blowout 
A good ole fashioned blowout seemed appropriate for today. All you need is a round brush and your blow drier to have smooth, classic-looking hair. And a bit of serum for your ends! 
Day 24: Tuesday, Feb. 24—Cap Day
Weekends are great for the farmers market, live music, going out with friends, and so forth, so when do you get stuff done? Luckily, I have the afternoon off, which means this afternoon is dedicated to running errands and cleaning house. Clearly, that means it's another hat day, because there is no use in over-working your hair for no reason. Baseball caps are so great! I found this one at Steinmart in West Ashley for $15. Throw it over your dirty hair, and no one will know the difference. This hat will even get me through to half-price burgers at Moe's tonight! 
Day 25: Wednesday, Feb. 25—Braided Crown
You’ve seen this look, but have you ever tried it? It will surprise you how much you'll love it once you do! And…it's very easy! Simply section your hair in half, then collect your hair at ear level and braid the hair going outwards (like Pippi Longstocking). Once you have done this on both sides, cross the braids over each other and secure with bobby pins. You can pull on the braids a bit to make them a little bigger/fluffier. Cute, cute! Now maybe a beer at The Daily for their tap takeover (4-7pm) tonight? 
Day 26: Thursday, Feb. 26—Low Half-Up
Half-ups are often overlooked, but I love them! This looks is almost more of a three-quarters up, as the majority of the hair is pulled up, which I think is a modern take. Here are two different ways to wear this low half-up: simply a ponytail or take it to the next level and add a braid. Both are fun ways to add variety to your hair routine!
Day 27: Friday, Feb. 27—Tucked Pony with Funky Accessory
This fun tucked pony can be done with or without an accessory, but I dig a funky piece thrown in the mix! You can find spiked ponys similar to this online, but I picked this one up at Allure Salon on King Street. For a change, pull all of your hair back and away from your face (no part), and spray a light hairspray to keep it back. Collect hair to the mid-back of head and wrap a ponytail around, not pulling the pony all the way through, but leaving the ends poking out. Afterwards, add an accessory, if you have one! There’s a kewl art show (Tom Stanley solo exhibit) at The George Gallery on Bogard tonight! 
Day 28: Saturday, Feb 28—Big Hair!
End the month with a bang—we're goin’ big tonight! Don’t be scared to tease your hair up, have fun, flirty, wild, bouncy big hair! Curl your hair with a small- or medium-sized curling iron (1” would be good), and give it a good spray. Taking a teasing brush or comb, start at the end of your strands and begin teasing your hair up. You can tease at the roots as well to give it volume. A bit of hairspray and you’re ready for a night on the town!