It's Greek to Me...


All my life I've been drawn to the play of pattern and color. As a young girl, I remember going to fabric stores with my Greek grandmother, Yia Yia, as I called her, as she prepared to make the most beautiful dressings for the Who's Who of High Point, North Carolina.


Yia Yia was an exceptional seamstress with a humble history—she learned from watching the nuns of the Greek Orthodox church make exquisite lace and embroidery for trouseaus, or
"hope chests", to raise money for the local church. My Yia Yia always had an appreciation for the finest of handiwork. She bore a love for fashion, but never had the means to buy the clothing she admired. When she arrived in the States as a young bride, a Greek woman taught her how to sew, and out of necessity she began making her own fashions.


Yia Yia would take me to the fabric stores and teach me everything she knew about fine fabrics and patterns. She would even design my dresses--my favorite part was always choosing the colors and, of course, the prints. It's this rich family history, a heritage built upon fabrics and textiles, that has so strongly influenced my passion for interiors, and the exqiuisite patterns, prints, weaves, fabric, notions, and threadings that go into each of my designs.


Welcome to my blog: The Pattern Project, rightly named for my inherent love of all things patterned. It's here that I'll be posting my latest design craves and finds, and the inspiring things that fuel my interiors. Enjoy!