Breakup Makeup Plan, Part I

Crying a river over the end of a relationship can wreak havoc on your skin—here, follow these no-fail secrets for facing the world again

Arguably, breakups are one of hardest feats that life has to throw at us. Fortunately, you have me to guide you through this-because goodness knows I’ve been there a time or two! I don’t hold the key to eliminating the pain of a lost love,but I can give you a plan to revitalize your beauty regime and thus enlighten your spirit.

First, lets agree that letting go of a relationship doesn’t mean letting go of yourself. You’ll soon see that with a great deal of emotional support and a few cosmetic tricks of the trade, you’ll be exfoliating the past and revealing the refreshed you! We’ll begin our Breakup Makeup Plan with the goal of repair.
STEP ONE: You’re going to need to pamper those peepers once you’ve expended your tears. You don’t want to step out looking like you just went a few rounds with a prize fighter! I have a miracle elixir in my arsenal that will have you back to the bright eyed beauty that you are- Garniers Eye Roller in the green tube (my old standby).  It will hydrate, smooth, and rejuvenate the eye area with a couple of applications. The old standby of chilled cucumber slices over the eyes and staying well hydrated will put your eye treatment into turbo boost, so definitely make sure you’re well-stocked with those essentials.
STEP TWO: Brighten your skin! One of the best ways to get across the message of moving on is to positively GLOW! Trust me when I tell you that Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream will have you looking and feeling like the brightest star in the constellation! This cream will erase fatigue and deliver a dose of mega moisture. And don't forget that the process of moving on can really zap your energy level. Relax with a good book, or meditate for 30 minutes while using the cream as a mask—that’s a little trade secret from me to you. *wink*
STEP THREE: Pucker up and get ready to kiss the world ‘Hello’ again. This list is intended to help get you up and at ‘em. That doesn’t mean finding a new relationship—but finding your best you. So sign up for that pilates class you’ve been thinking about, try out the hot new restaurant with your friends, go out and reconnect with your neighbors at the Farmers Market. You get the picture, get out there! Just don’t re-greet the world with those neglected lips. Apply some of Laura Mercier Lip Silk... Trust me when I tell you, once you’ve taken up the routine of moisturizing your lips you’ll never want to stop. It’s a small action that delivers a HUGE impact. Like Laura says, it's “a little lifesaver!”
CONGRATULATIONS! You’re officially on the road to repair! These are three small easy steps, which of course will be more affective with the love of your closest friends and family, a healthy, organic-based diet, and lots of gut busting laughter. Stick by my side, my darlings, this was merely the first step in our Breakup Makeup Plan. I intend to boldly take you into the next level of gorgeous!!