Your Bridesmaid Dress is so Ugly....

Julie Wheat



...It Would Scare Away Evil Spirits?


Yup, that's right!



Historically speaking, during medieval times until the 19th century the bridesmaid's role was not to attend to the bride. The bridesmaid was used to protect the bride by confusing any angry unchosen suitors, those trying to prevent the marriage from taking place or bringing harm to the bride.  This absolutely makes sense because many marriages were arranged for the sole purpose of political and financial convenience. No one would really know who the bride was (pre-facebook and photograph days) if they had never seen her before. The bride could be mistaken by someone dressed as though they were getting married. (The white wedding dress trend was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century). Somehow this trend mutated in to what we know today as (oftentimes hideous) matching dresses for bridesmaids that compliment the silhouette of the dress the bride is wearing.


In order to celebrate the opening of the Charleston Museum's exhibit titled: 'Unveiled: Wedding Fashion and Traditions in the South''  they are hosting a 'Bridesmaid Ball' where attendees can celebrate and give their blast-from-the-past bridesmaid dresses a second spin on the dancefloor. The cocktail party will be held Thursday, January 19 from 6:30-8:30 and tickets can be purchased here.  Enjoy everyone’s favorite post-nuptial jams from DJ Professor Ping (think YMCA, We Are Family, Chicken Dance), delicious food provided by B Gourmet Catering, Cathead Vodka and JAM Drinking Vinegar cocktails, Wine Awesomeness’ awesome wine, and Palmetto Brewery beer, while taking a look at the new exhibit and learning from the curators themselves.


Here's a modern, trendy, take on wearing a 1960s bridemaid dress.
(Who thought Pepto-Bismol pink silk shantung could look this cute ever!)


Check out some of the dresses that I wore as a bridesmaid back in the day!



Buffalo, NY Circa 2001 in Jim Hjelm Occasions    


Lockport, NY Circa 2000  in Watters & Watters (of course we are dancing to the Village People!)


Here is a photo of me with my bridesmaids in Max & Cleo. 
Buffalo, NY, 2008 (photo by John Piret):