We Live Here?!?!

Why I've chosen to become a jogger (or at least an enthusiastic wannabe)

Since moving to town last August, I’ve drawn the conclusion that Charleston has a lot—and I mean a lot—of three things.


Number one: Couples. Whether they’re holding hands on Broad or dining out on upper King, they (or, depending on your relationship status—you) are always out and about.


Numero dos: Dogs. Research I’ve gathered at a couple Second Sundays and from walking through Marion Square the Saturday of SEWE has proven that, in fact, the ratio of dogs to people in Charleston is 1.5:1.


And number three: Joggers. Joggers who look effortless in their perfectly matching spandex suits and/or shirtless ensembles.  


(Note: The aforementioned categories often overlap. Couples walking dogs, joggers running dogs, couples jogging, and couples jogging with their dogs are all very common, as well.)


So I reached this conclusion, all happy to have taken note of some Charleston trends. "I'm practically a local!" I thought to myself. But then it hit me: I couldn't be classified in category one, two, or three. Since my boyfriend lives a few states away and because I haven’t a front yard fit for a dog, I decided to pick up jogging. (Which actually works out quite well since I’m avoiding gym membership and it’s accompanying $49.99 monthly fee for as long as healthily possibly.)


And though I’m of neither the effortless nor well-matched variety, I’ve learned to really love a good Lowcountry jog. First off, cause it’s flat. Hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia (aka “The Hill City”), this has been seriously refreshing. And second and more importantly, because of the scenery. More specifically, THE SUNSETS. During a well-timed run along the Battery and Lockwood Boulevard last week, I texted my roomie the following pics, sent with the caption: “We live here?!?!?!” I apologize if my amateur iPhone photography doesn't do it justice, but seriously—we live here?!?!