Them Oh's Release Debut EP "18 to 21"

Brennan Mullin



Music fans, take note. Charleston-based rock group Them Oh’s just released their debut EP, “18 to 21”, a four song collection that combines sweet pop melodies with en vogue alt rock production perfection.



After moving to Charleston from Nashville in early 2015, lead singer Jack Prine quickly joined the bustling local music scene. Them Oh’s was formed as a project with Prine’s friend Renny Hodges, who now plays in Del Sur. The duo would write and record songs to post online. These songs were shaped by musicians from Wu-Tang Clan to Bob Dylan. On top of these wildly dichotomous influences, Prine says lyrics by songwriters of the ‘60s and ‘70s had an enormous impact on his own songwriting.


“As I became more interested in writing and composing music, I started getting heavily into the Beatles, which led to begin listening to The Kinks, Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, and the Sex Pistols,” Prine says. “I’ve especially admired the songwriting of Lou Reed [of Velvet Underground] and Ray Davis of The Kinks.”




After months of recording as a solo artist and honing his songwriting skills, Prine ready to enlist musicians to join a band and head into the studio. Eventually, Them Oh’s grew into a four piece. Even though the loose lineup made it difficult to practice and record consistently, the newly minted Them Oh’s had enough material to pick and choose songs for an extended play.


The resulting EP, “18 To 21”, combines an energetic blend of garage rock and catchy pop hooks. The songs chosen to be included on the record demonstrate Prine’s growth as an artist and songwriter, hence the name “18 to 21”. The first single from the EP is “Take a Walk for Two”, an upbeat, jangly love song.


“I thought "Take A Walk For Two" was a good choice for the single because of its energy, the way it builds up from the drum beat into the guitars crashing in and then that energy maintaining throughout the track,” Prine says. “I felt that the song and its production embodies my idea for an interesting poppy rock tune. Plus, it’s the first song I ever wrote and one of my favorites!”


Them Oh’s extended play features Jack Prine, James Frolio, and Will Hauptle. Alden Sayre will join the band on their live dates, which will be announced later this year.





"18 to 21" can be downloaded here, where you can name your price for the EP.

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