T-Rav Says No to Blow... But Still Arrested?

Apparently he was busted early Monday morning on DUI charges in East Hampton. Are we offended he took his antics out of state? And what does this mean for the reality show?

Ocean Drive


Oh come on, Tommy.


I literally JUST turned in an essay for the September issue of Charleston magazine about the upcoming reality show "Southern Charm"—in which Thomas Ravenel stars—last week. I had all my jokes in order, all my lines delivered perfectly. I even (mildly) defended the show. It wasn't bad.


And now this. An arrest in the Hamptons for DUI early this morning.


Bravo host Andy Cohen, from BravoTV


Bottoms up is right, Andy Cohen.


Let me back up. I was having drinks at Graze tonight with the girls (nothing crazy, just some happy hour wine on a Monday) when I checked my email. Grit blogger Rebeccah Connelly, apparently thinking I'm TMZ, sent me a note saying something along the lines of, "I'm sure you've heard, I know you've heard, surely you know this, of course you've heard, but just in case you didn't, T-Rav got busted... AGAIN." (I'm paraphrasing.)


Apparently it's true. There are plenty of breaking stories tonight on the topic (Counton2, The State, etc.) but just be warned: they all say the same thing. He was swerving in the Hamptons. It happened early this morningRefused a breathalyzer$650 bondAttorney on the scene. Something about a polo game.


No confirmation as to whether it's the pool kind—Marco... Polo. Marco...—or on horses. But I have more pressing questions: Are you still filming that reality show? (Of course, this is a ratings slam dunk.) Will this become a storyline? (See previous answer.) Do I need to revise the essay to include this arrest too? (Sigh.) 


Anyway. I like T-Rav. He keeps things interesting. I just wish he'd keep us in the loop.