Anjali Naik's music reflects her own self-care.

Hurry up and grab your tickets for the collaboration of the spring: Veuve Clicquot and Charleston Wine + Food's Spring Street Party in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant—Friday, May 20, at 5 p.m.

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Do We Need to Tell the World We're Perfect?

A little cheesecake for the holidays

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Have you clicked yourself into an angry, judgmental, digital media monster? It's time we take a step back, and think about how we use our computers, and how we need to look at the bigger picture.

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Heard of this? It's a debate over yogis snapping pics of themselves in various poses, and whether it flies in the face of yoga's emphasis on gazing inward. Does it? Here's what I think...

Sitting in traffic for half the day, sleeping in your car: locals weigh in on their big July 4th fails, plus 2 must-have beach toys and... Yep. We've got red, white, & blue Jell-O shots

Why are we showing the world our food? What UNIVERSE are we in with all the "selfies?" I emailed 20 or 30 people and asked what they consider the worst offenses. Here's the first, horrifying half: