Real World Charleston? You've Gotta Be For Real Kidding...

Instant Grit

FitsNews is reporting that MTV may be in the initial phases of producing a Real World Charleston... Okay, where do we start with this shit?


Here's just my first 3 thoughts after reading the "news" (and I use that word lightly)...




1. Show of hands: Who knew Real World was still even on TV? Yeah, that's what I thought. It's like hearing about an old toy you used to play with, or an hook-up that was fun, but incredibly ill-advised—flash of nostalgia, then "Hey, what's for lunch?"


2. Why? I mean, you've heard the advice: "Just because you can have a baby, doesn't mean you should?" Same goes for reality shows: just because there's a camera and someone thought of it ... doesn't mean you have to film it. Every producer wannabe should repeat that to themselves every morning (right after shaving his/her chest, before applying hair gel). 


IB Times


3. From FitsNews: "So far, the campaign consists of providing MTV executives with testimonials about the “Holy City” – as well as pictures and biographical information on possible cast members." Code for: that's how Jersey Shore started. And in the same way Snooki put down her microphysics texts long enough to tap out a bio, and The Situation stopped ladling soup to the needy long enough to say, "Hey, that sounds interesting..." Right now, if you listen close, you just might hear a handful of their Southern cousins snapping selfies to send in to MTV. I can't wait to meet them. In rehab. After season one, four plastic surgeries, and a wicked case of the herps.


We'll update you if we hear anything else. Or not. We're not sure how much yet we really care...


In the meantime, here's what Twitter's saying: