This Season's Skin Care

Andrew C. Petersen

Rushing to make an appointment early Monday morning, I threw my front door open and scurried outside. I had not made it five feet before the briskness of the cold front slapped me across the face. I had no choice but to turn my Versace loafers around, go back inside, and rethink my outfit. What had happened? Just the day before it was hot and humid.


This is what happens with weather! Many of you fashion mavens have a wardrobe to suit each season, and you should have a skin care regime and makeup routine to match.


As I pulled into work, I couldn’t help but notice the shorts and flip-flops here and there on King Street. And that, my dears, just did not make sense. "They must be freezing," I thought. What also does not make sense is for you to use the same products that got you through the hot, humid Charleston summer on your skin that, with the changes in the air, is now begging for moisture and nourishment. This should also be taken into consideration when you travel to different climates. Skin is at its happiest when it is treated for its surroundings—when your skin is comfortable, your makeup will go on better, and you will look and feel your beauty best.



I always start with changing up my cleanser. I typically use an oil-free foaming wash, but, come the onslaught of cold weather, I switch to a milkier cleanser that will leave a little hydration and moisture on my skin after washing. I also ditch the oil-free moisturizer I have been using all summer and opt for a creamier, more hydrating lotion.


I have found that a lot of women are terrified of oil, so this change from oil-free to rich and creamy might freak some of you out. However, with the help of modern technology, oils used today in skin care and beauty products are not heavy, and will usually not break you out. During the summer, most of us are trying to control oil and shine, but in the fall and winter, a little moisture and a little shine may be exactly what we need to balance out our skin and have a year-round healthy glow.


For you fabulous foundation wearers, I also suggest switching up formulas. If you usually wear a powder during the summer, consider using a light-weight hydrating liquid for fall. If you are already a liquid foundation user and find that your skin is getting dry, I suggest giving a rich cream foundation a try.


Keep in mind that cleansers, foundations, and moisturizers (and all makeup for that matter) are very personal products and there is no one right answer that suits everyone. What you need to do is find formulas that work for your needs and feel comfortable on your skin.   


You will be able to find all of the suitable products for your darling skin regardless of whether you shop in department stores or drugstores. Remember, my darlings, it’s not where you buy the appropriate products that matters, it is that you are using the appropriate products.

One more little tidbit before I go: EXFOLIATE year-round, my loves. This is the one thing that we should be doing for our skin regardless of the temperature outside.  Rain or shine, it does not matter, exfoliate away. At least three times a week, use a gentle scrub to remove impurities, dead skin, and prep our skin for our new moisturizer and foundation! Exfoliation is one of the easiest and best things we can do for our skin and has both immediate and long-term benefits on how our skin looks and feels.


Now that we have our newly hydrated skin prepped for the fall, get ready for my next beauty blog: Fall Makeup! This is the time of year we can start wearing makeup without worrying about sweating it off, and I cannot wait to share the trends and techniques for this season with you!


Until next week my loves,