Seasons Inspiring New Drinks at Eli's Table!

Jeanne Everett

As Head Bartender, Megan Tighe at Eli's Table says, “I especially love creating new beverage specials in Charleston. So many of our customers have a vacation mindset and will try something they might normally not try, love it, and come back for more.”


If you've ever been blessed with a southern meal and cocktail at Eli's Table then you know why we and everyone around Charleston loves it. It's a cozy southern white-linen table dinner spot for those special occasions, holidays and dinner dates.

Summer is coming to a close officially and (hopefully) cooler temptures will (eventually) be rolling in over the seashores and into our city. Either way, we know how Charleston tempatures are in fall and sometimes we don't feel that cool breeze until after Thanksgiving.

Megan at Eli's Table is marking the season the best way she knows how: concocting new cocktails with bits of seasonal flavors and hints of places she has been to before.


Read about her process:


She starts with a 5 day infusion process using Gordon's vodka and fresh lavender flowers, fresh bluberries and then finishes it by adding cranberry juice, freshly squeezed lemon with a dash of sprite.


As pictured, it is served in a Mason jar and topped with a lavender flower and lemon pinwheel garnish.



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