Queen Street Bed Garden

As the weather warms, Charleston's gardens are springing to life, and with it they're bringing the beautiful colors and fragrances that people travel miles to come experience.

These folks made such good use of their little front yard on Queen Street. that I check on it every summer hoping that they do it again and they haven't disappointed me yet. Ya think maybe if I knock on their door with a little dessert they would invite me in to a tasty fresh veggie dinner? 

The entire peninsula smells of Confederate Jasmine right now. In fact, hopefully I still carry the scent from walking through it. Horticulturists ought to be able to issue tickets to people in Charleston if they don't have one of three plants in their yards: 1) Azaleas, 2) Confederate Jasmine and/or 3) Hydrangeas. I am hanging in there with two out of three, but my jasmine hasn't done much of anything on my new property. Too much shade, perhaps.