Put On Your Stretchy Pants, It's Charleston Restaurant Week!

Charleston Restaurant Week is here! Have a look at the dates for this amazing event and links to learn more!



We all know that Charleston is filled with amazing places to eat. Some are well-known and on the top of national lists.


Others, are holes-in-the-wall that you can only find by accident. Now not all of us can afford to go out to these incredible restaurants on a regular basis. This is when the great equalizer of Charleston Restaurant Week comes into play. It takes one of the top restaurants like Hall’s Chophouse and makes it affordable for us working folks to enjoy without selling a kidney.


Charleston Restaurant Week is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. It is January 4th-22nd.


While these first weeks of the New Year you may be counting calories, and putting in extra time at the gym, these sacred days should be devoted to indulgence.


These restaurants mostly have a set menu for the week and fall into a specific price point. You can choose between dinner and lunch. However, reserve your table as soon as possible to avoid having to eat dinner at 5 pm on a Tuesday night. Be sure to have a look at GCRA’s site for all of the participating restaurants, menus, and links for online reservations.


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