Meet Nate

Helen Mitternight

(Editor's Note: This blog contains adult content and links to adult sites)

By Helen Mitternight

Some day, you can date “Nate.”

Nate is not a man, he’s a male-looking sexbot.

We’ve all heard of sex dolls of the female persuasion. It’s easy enough for guys. Tab A goes into Slot B and there ya go.

But for females?

I have to be honest, I had no idea such a thing existed.

But I took a look at the website. For a minimum of about $6k, you can pick out your male, from skin color to hair color (and that includes deciding whether the rug matches the drapes, so to speak), to eye color and, yes, penis size.

It’s an expansion of the RealDoll line of male dolls by Realbotix. These dolls can go “as long as you want.”

Because that’s what it’s all about for women. Marathons of sex. When a guy calls us “a piece,” we want the next step to be War and Peace, every lengthy chapter of it. Nope.

The Internet exploded when the news came out that there was a male sex robot in development. Women commenters online aren’t buying the idea and, just from the initial reactions, it doesn’t sound like they’re buying the robot either.

Females, it seems, need more than longevity and stamina. If a male robot is going to turn us on as a gender, it should wash dishes. Listen. Give massages. Not try to fix our problems for us when we just want someone to hear us out. And then, the male needs to seduce us with more than what’s between his legs. There’s the mouth. Fingers. And, most important, what’s between his ears.

But, if the male sex robot is a misfire with females, maybe it’s not really designed for us. Because if you look at the website, the male dolls have a seven-inch oral capacity. And I sincerely doubt that’s for us women. Since Science Magazine says that the average erect penis is only 5.16 inches and the sexbots can take up to seven, I would say the male sex robots might have some male buyers…optimistic ones.  


*Photo Credit to RealDoll*