Marla Maples and Me

Andrew C. Petersen

I first had the pleasure of meeting Marla in the foyer of Bloomingdale's on the corner of 59th Street in NYC. Her yoga class had been canceled and she needed a pick-me-up, luckily for me, I started a chat with a lovely and charming Georgia Peach. I then had the honor to do her makeup, not that she needed it as she is already gorgeous on her own.




At the time she was still married to President-Elect Donald Trump, but she was so down to earth, real, and simply charming. I enjoyed the hour or so that we spent together and enjoyed our conversation so much. Sixteen years later I reached and asked if she would allow me to interview on beauty and well-being as we both practice Kabbalah, at the time she was putting all of her focus on performance which was stunning by the way, on the hit show Dancing With The Stars. To my delight, she said yes. I hope you enjoy the interview and pick up some tips, as she loves organic products and is truly so gracious.

AP: 1.  What's your secret to looking so polished but never overdone?

MM: Ever since I was small I've felt more comfortable playing outside and getting messy in something casual rather than being all buttoned up and fancy, so when it comes to getting dressed up I usually go for simple, classic silhouettes. In regards to makeup, I try to maintain a natural look to protect my skin from too many products/ingredients.

AP: 2. What products do you think women should invest in: Skincare, foundation, mascara, etc?

MM: Since much of what we wear ends up being absorbed it’s nice to let our faces breathe and focus on playing up one of your favorite features; a great gloss if you love your lips, mascara if you do the talking with your eyes. A few of my go-to brands are: Josie Maran and iT cosmetics

AP: 3. We are both from the same generation of some crazy makeup fads. Which one do you look on and cringe, and what is one that you love.

MM: I've tried many different looks through the years from blue eye shadow to teased beauty queen hair. I really loved my short Princess Diana inspired bob. I try to keep up with the trends but also love a classic look.

AP: 4. As a mother of a daughter, at what age do you think women should let their kids wear a little makeup? What do suggest? Lip gloss, mascara, etc.

MM: It’s tough to generalize what’s right for each individual. Personally, I looked at it as a form of expression when Tiffany wanted to play with my makeup so I allowed it minimally from time to time, only organic products of course.

AP: 5. What is your key to keeping your gorgeous blonde hair looking so healthy and shiny?? 

MM:  Thank you, I actually find my hair does best if I only shampoo every 3-4 days as I don’t like to strip it often of its natural oils. I also like to let my hair dry naturally as much as possible. I part it in the back and twist it into 2-4 sections clipping it to the top back of my head. I add a little organic smoothing serum before doing this and find that it gives my hair a natural wavey look without the GA frizz that comes with these hot humid summer days.

AP: 6. What is a product that you cannot live without?

MM: A good glossing cream or argon oil to smooth my hair on the fly.

AP: 7. Where do you feel woman may go wrong or right with fillers, Botox, etc.?

MM: It’s definitely a personal decision but I've always strived to maintain a naturally youthful appearance without the help of Botox and fillers. I’ve seen some women who look good doing tiny touches but when overdone, it can drastically alter your appearance instead of making you look younger. Since I do all I can to eat organically and use natural products, I personally choose not to use, much less inject anything that’s not natural to my own body’s make-up.

AP: 8. What is your key to keeping your skin, mind, and spirit not only young but also beautiful?


MM: I’ve always been committed to wellness. So much of our inner and outer beauty comes from how we eat and how we play.  I’ve been dairy free since I was a teen and also try to avoid sugar and gluten. I do regular acupuncture treatments, cryotherapy, and as a long time Kabbalah student, I focus heavily on my spiritual growth. It sounds cliché but I’ve always believed that true beauty comes from within


Whatever you are doing Marla keep it up. Both you and Tiffany are both absolutely gorgeous. Peace and Love.