Maple-Flavored Whiskey?

Maple-Flavored Whiskey?

Last week I attended a taste testing party for Crown Royal's new maple-flavored variety. Read on for photos of the event and to see what I thought of the novel spirit

Last Wednesday I attended a taste testing party for the new maple-flavored Crown Royal Whisky at Social Restaurant + Wine Bar. We all gathered for a brief presentation, toast, and a demonstration on how to mix drinks. I left just as participants were invited to try their hand at mixing their own shot recipe. (I may be in the minority, but I don't get the idea behind shots. If a drink is worth drinking I want to taste it.)


Anyways, I tried The Manitoba—a combination of the maple whisky and ginger beer—which I liked.


I'm not sure that I would buy a whole bottle of the liqour, but I can see enjoying a mixed drink with it every now and then. The flavor is quite strong, but I do love maple! Check out some photos from the event: 




Here's the mixologist mixing my drink combination.