Mad Men, Cocktails, And Vintage, Oh My!

Fans of Mad Men and vintage fashion, get ready! Candy Shop Vintage's Dierdre Zahl and Style Girl Jess James are teaming the two (along with delicious drinks) in celebration of the Season 5 finale


No, folks, we are not talking about angry males, average mixed drinks, or your sister's old hand-me-downs. We are talking about the AMC award-winning drama Mad Men, expert-crafted cocktails from The Cocktail Club, and highly prized vintage fashion from Candy Shop Vintage and Style Girl Jess James—all in one night!


In celebration of having her jewelry featured on the super sexy and provocative show, Candy Shop Vintage owner Dierdre Zahl is teaming up with Style Girl Jess James to host a Season 5 wrap party at The Cocktail Club this Saturday. As lovers of all things vintage, neither of these fashion queens have missed a single episode of Mad Men. “Charleston is a fashion forward city,” Dierdre says. And, aside from providing us with racy sex scenes and old-fashioned wit, she says “the show has culturally shifted the way we think about fashion… what was old [is now] brand new and fashionable again!”  



Even if you’re not a loyal fan of the iconic series, what better excuse do you have to don your best vintage attire, sip on one-of-a-kind cocktails, and shop your favorite Charleston vintage collections? And I haven’t even mentioned the best part—style expert Ayoka Lucas will be on the scene to judge the best-dressed vintage dame! The lucky winner will go home with a jewelry set (earrings and broach) as seen on Joan during this season of Mad Men. Now how incredibly fantastic is that, die hard fans? 



The Mad Men Season 5 Wrap Party will take place on Saturday, June 16 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM in the refined atmosphere of The Cocktail Club, 479 King Street. 


Dierdre Zahl and Jess James


Photos provided by Candy Shop Vintage.