Locals Release Handbook for Cooking and Etiquette: Advice Much Easier To Take Than Your Mother's.

Claire O'Bryan

After years of teaching classes for their Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, Lee Manigault and Suzanne Pollack’s book has finally hit stores. I know you’ve heard me talk about how fun their classes are before, and now, if you can’t make it to a class, you can get the same fun experience from their book! Ok, it’s not THE SAME, but the book is hilarious and FULL of useful tips and recipes, just like their classes. If you ever entertain or want to start entertaining, you need your hands on this book!  


Their feeling is that people are longing to entertain, but we don't necessarily know how. Cookbooks tell you how to make the food, but what are you supposed to do with it then? And all those etiquette tips your mom gave you that you promptly tossed out the window? They're reviewed in a funny, easily understandable way in this book. No judgemental looks from these ladies. Their style of entertaining feels warm and welcoming, not stuffy and uncomfortable.


I’ve taken many a cue from the deans on how to make entertaining easier and more comfortable for my guests; French Cafe Pandora station anyone? Not my idea, I’ll tell you that much, not to mention how beautiful it is, just look at the cover! The hardback is just big enough for a coffee table, side table, book shelf, or just sitting right there on your counter when you’re using it to cook. Take a peek at the video on their website to find out more about them, and check out the book at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million. It’s on Kindle or Apple books for those of you who don’t want a real book (which confuses me personally, but hey, that’s your choice). As soon as I got my pre-ordered copy (how smart of me to do that 6 months ago), I immediately ordered 6 more because I think it’s so cute and funny and will make a great gift.


Mother's Day is right around the corner, and you surely haven't gotten your mom anything, so I suggest this book. She'll love it, and you'll get points for picking up something she can actually agree with for once.