A Lesson in Random Roommates

Paige Hardy

Have you ever lived with someone new? I’m talking about someone really new, like what they call a “random roommate.” Many people have, and it’s led to amazing friendships. Other people have, and it’s led to scary times. Some of those other people have even had life-altering and reality-questioning times surrounding a random roommate. Unfortunately, I am one of those other people.

Lupita* and I met on Craigslist. I was in a bind and needed a roommate for the very next month so standards slipped. But this girl seemed great! She had a great job and was nice to me when we met. Little did I know, things would turn very fast. Here are the 4 major incident progressions during my time with Lupita:

Incident 1:

It started when her things arrived at the apartment. The quantity. The sheer quantity of items was astounding. Boxes and bags as far as the eye could see across the dining and living rooms. She promised me she’d get them put away soon. Only she didn’t get them put away and they came to live in our shared spaces. A rack of clothing here, a floor-length mirror there, etc. Given our very small space, it was a surprising change, but I let all of these things go, understanding that the apartment lacked space in general.

Incident 2:

One day, I came home to another surprise. Lupita had set up in our small living room a large dog pen. This pen was constructed using knee-high, black fencing and was half the length of our living room. It was filled with dog toys, a dog house, a dog bed, food/water bowls, a large food container, and puppy pads. Yup, puppy pads in the living room. There was also a tiny, plastic staircase leading up to the couch for her new Chihuahua, which was the dog’s breed.

Incident 3:

I confronted Lupita about our current situation, and she refused to change it. Things escalated and tensions rose. We tried to talk about it but our voices grew loud and our words ugly. One conversation began with Lupita saying to me, “I have a roommate lined up so what are you still doing here?” I was stunned. Although the apartment had been my home for over 2 years and hers for just 2 months, I had to get out.

Incident 4:

I found another living situation and told Lupita. That’s when she informed me the roommate she previously spoke of fell through and she would not be signing the form releasing me from the shared apartment. Despite this circumstance, I came home one day to find that Lupita had piled my belongings in the back corner of our now very cramped living room. This was the final straw. She still had no roommate lined up and had no reason as to why she moved my things even when I was still on the lease. I put my foot down in a big way and she finally signed the form.

Needless to say, upon handing over my keys I blocked Lupita out of my life via every communication channel. Hopefully, my predicament made you feel a little bit better about your living situation. Remember to live BYBR, By Yourself Before Randos.

*Actual name withheld