Knot Your Average Outing

Instant Grit

Swing low, sweet ropes course! Wild Blue Ropes is just about to open, and had a media day yesterday for a few local people. At a glance, the course looks, well, terrifying. 

Upon a closer look however, the fear from seeing all the ropes and height of the platforms only increases. The towers go up as high as 35 feet, and there are over 70 different elements, or sections of the course to tackle. Each element is color coded for its difficulty, just like a ski slope.

The staff was enthusiastic and incredibly helpful. Each climber is instructed on their protective gear, harnesses, and the belay system that ensures climbers are hooked to a safety line at all times. There was almost a summer camp vibe in the air, as everyone lining up to take their turn tackling the course was almost giddy with anticipation. Some of the most extreme elements require quite a bit of strategy in where to apply your energy, but all can be mastered with enough patience.

It is almost impossible to be at the top of one of the highest platforms, swinging from one rope to another, and not hear the Lost Boys chanting "Rufio, Rufio, Ru Fi Oooo!"

Wild Blue is designed to bring families, corporate groups, or just everyday adventure seekers together for a fun, physically challenging, and exciting day in the sun. They can handle groups of over 100 people of every age, and level of athleticism. To top things off, Wild Blue teamed up with Coastal Crust to provide climbers at the event with fresh, handmade, brickoven pizzas. Coastal Crust uses antique trucks for a unique and delicious approach to the food truck. They're available for events large and small, and service the entire greater Charleston area. 

Over all, this was an event that had everyone in attendance excited and immediate Wild Blue fans. Check out the newest attraction right off the James Island Connector that will challenge you in almost every way possible.