How to Grow Tomatoes Like a Pro (It Can Be Done...)

Joan McDonald


Hello Front Yard to Table Friends!


I wanted to let you know about an upcoming gardening event open to all tomato enthusiasts! If you struggle with growing them or just want to hone your tomato gardening skills, here is the place to do it: Clemson Extension—aka, the mothership of agricultural knowledge—is offering a workshop February 19,  just in time for the growing season. Registration will fill up fast, so don’t forget to pre-register. Can’t wait for tomato time!



Plus, some January garden notes: It's time to plan your warm season garden. Get your seed catalogues out and start seeding! If you're located in the coastal area of South Carolina, don’t forget to plant your peas and there is still time to enjoy those lettuces. Stagger your lettuce seeding every two weeks so you will always have beautiful lettuce on hand. 


Photo credit: Organic Gardening