How Can You Aid in the Hurricane Irma Relief?

Will Hardison

We’ve all heard about and seen the havoc that Hurricane Irma has wreaked in Florida, the Caribbean, and our own city. The poor Folly Boat that everyone knows and loves unwillingly took its first voyage since it washed ashore 28 years ago in September of 1989. Almost every home in the Florida Keys has been destroyed and the flooding in Jacksonville is obscene. As a community, and nation, we have an obligation to aid those affected by Hurricane Irma in any way that we can, whether that be monetary donations, care packages, or any other form of aid we can provide. We’ve curated a plethora of ways that you can help the victims of Hurricane Irma.


  1. Charleston’s own Coastal Community Foundation, a foundation that works with people and organizations who want to leave a lasting impact on our community through philanthropic efforts, have set up a disaster relief fund to aid those affected by Hurricane Irma. To get involved in their community efforts or to donate to the relief fund visit their website at Coastal Community Foundation.
  2. The American Red Cross is one of the nation’s largest and most well known providers of emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education in the United States. You can donate to the disaster relief fund here - Hurricane Irma Relief Donation or visit Charleston’s American Red Cross chapter at 2424-A City Hall Lane North Charleston, SC 29406.
  3. The Miami Foundation is a philanthropic organization comprised of individuals, families, and corporations that all share the common goal of improving the quality of life for everyone who calls Miami their home. The foundation has set up a number of funds designed for different purposes, all of which will aid victims of Irma throughout Florida and the Caribbean. You can donate to the funds here - The Miami Foundation's Relief Funds.
  4. What’s equally as important as helping humans affected by Hurricane Irma is helping our furry friends that add joy and fulfillment to our lives. The Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization that has served as the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary. Their mission is to create a nation without homeless pets. Visit their website at Best Friends Animal Society to learn more about how you can contribute to their cause and to aid them in their efforts to help animals affected by Hurricane Irma.
  5. Another way to help aid the victims of Hurricane Irma is to start a fundraiser yourself or with a team. Whether you affiliate yourself with an organization, form your own team, or be a superhero yourself, your support will affect someone in the areas ravaged by Hurricane Irma. Whether your aid helps one person, or many, you are still making a difference in someone’s life


From our city to yours, Charleston and Charleston Grit hope that those affected by Hurricane Irma will receive the aid that they need to recover from this truly horrible natural disaster.