How would you spend three days as a tourist in Charleston?

The Social Media All Day Conference, or SMAD-CON to those in the biz, took place last week in Charleston. Want to boost your social presence? Read on.

From our city to yours, Charleston and Charleston Grit hope that those affected by Hurricane Irma will receive the aid that they need to recover from this truly horrible natural disaster.

When Matthew comes to play, you better get out the way...

If your Christian or political views point to hate, they are neither Christian or American.

On Tuesday, June 14th, the citizens of Charleston will take to the polls to decide who will win in several key primaries. Here Mr. Russell Guerard, Republican candidate for SC State House 110, speaks to Grit contributor Lorena Jordan on his life and issues.

You need to eat your grits to get off the grid.

Liz Lyday and Chrissie Batten are the proud owners of Charleston’s newest vintage furnishing boutique, Indigo Market.

Hit a home run this summer at Charleston's one and only minor league ballpark where you can enjoy the best in food, drinks, and great entertainment the whole family will love.

Can a little unwelcome "down time" patch your nerves? Here's what happened when I hauled my bad attitude down to the tire shop...

Did you know that you can actually hang out Folly in the winter? Without all the shirtless and sweaty volleyball games, shotgunned beers, and asphalt-seared feet? Yeah, me neither. Not a bad Sunday...

He was sneaky, wasn't he? Like a sloppy drunk, he busted into my house yesterday unannounced and trashed my little digs on Queen Street