HIDDEN F&B: Nikko Cagalanan, Mansueta’s Pop-up

Helen Mitternight


By Helen Mitternight

Nikko Cagalanan is an Energizer Bunny of a chef. He cooks at Zero George full-time and in his “off time,” he cooks at his pop-up, Mansueta’s, and at Palmetto Brewery on Sundays. He’s bringing Filipino cooking to Charleston’s mainstream and doing it all while commuting from Myrtle Beach.

Nikko’s take:

Favorite Kitchen Tool or Gadget: A wok. I remember my grandmother’s old wok. It was rusted on the outside but clean on the inside.

In My Refrigerator (3 Things): Soy, ginger and pork. Lots of frozen pork and chicken.

In My Pantry (3 Things): Salt, pepper, vinegar.

Favorite After-work Hangout: 2 Nixons when they do their pop-up at Proof.  

Favorite Charleston Restaurant Other Than Yours: 2 Nixons pop-up.  

Comfort Food: Anything Adobo. Pork or chicken, it reminds me of home.

Favorite Smell: My grandmother’s garlic fried rice. Since we were little kids, that’s how she would start her mornings.

Favorite Drink: Hard cider .

Number of Hours You Work a Week: Well, it’s 40 or 50 at Zero George. And then, I do a little bit of prep every day for my pop-up. It’s like an extra 20 hours. So…60 or 70 hours a week.

Customer Pet Peeve: People who won’t even try something and just say they have allergies. They’re afraid to try something different.

Most Under-rated Ingredient: Scallions. In Filipino cooking, we use it a lot. Here, it’s used more to garnish or plate but not for the flavor.

Favorite Meal to Cook at Home: Something easy, like a stir-fry with instant ramen and I add Filipino flavors.

Best Advice From A Mentor: It was Josh Foley from Avenue in Massachusetts. He said timing is everything and just put your head down and work as hard as you can.

Nikko’s pop-up is at Palmetto Brewery every Sunday, 289 Huger Street. From August 5-11, he is doing a restaurant takeover of Kwei Fei, 1977 Maybank Highway.  

Want more Nikko? Check out the companion podcast! Happy listening.