Getting Your Window Boxes Ready for Spring

Joan McDonald

Hello Front Yard to Table Friends, well, it has been a tough winter here in Charleston with the temperatures dipping down as low as 16 degrees. Many of our in ground citrus have suffered and may not make it, but we are waiting to see which survive. (Long live the citrus!) Although the cool temps have hit this area pretty hard, I wanted to share some positive thoughts for the home gardener as you survey the “Polar Vortex” plant carnage.

Mother Nature has a way of balancing things out. This temperature dip will help keep insect threshholds in check, making our job easy in the warm season months. Thank you Polar Vortex

We have had some annuals in the garden for four years. I was starting to think of them as “the not so annual annuals”. Thanks Polar Vortex, I can now swap that annual and switch it up a bit!

We have quite a few mature fruit trees that we planted 15 years ago. This may be an opportunity to plant some different varieties that I have been itching to try! And another thanks goes to the Polar Vortex.

My final thought about the cold snap is let it be the catalyst for taking a fresh look at your garden. It is not always easy to have a fresh eye when you see the same things everyday. Here we go!

Looking forward to Spring? Here is an awesome opportunity to share your creativity!

The Charleston Horticulture Society and Charleston Magazine are holding their annual Window Box Competition! There are great prizes to win (see below) and it is easy to enter. Just check out The Charleston Horticulture Society for details. Win this wonderful gardening kit from Front Yard to Table in the Charleston Horticultural Society annual Window Box Design Competition!

Contents Include: 

• A collection of seeds from Monticello

• A collection of seeds from Front Yard to Table.

• The latest edition of the Master Gardener’s cookbook “From the Garden to the Kitchen.”

• 1 sun hat and matching apron.

• 1 full set of hand tools.

• 2 pairs of gloves: light duty & heavy duty.

• A selection of potted herbs to kick off your Spring!


Let your creativity Shine! Stay warm!