facial hair

Not sure what to wear to the Gibbes Museum's annual winter party, where the theme this year is Magical Mystery Tour? Well, Cavortress can help!

I mustache you a question. Why haven't you bought your tickets to the Southeastern Beard and Mustache Competition at the Music Farm on May 24th? It's for a good cause, so put that razor down now.

Plus! Don't forget it's No Shave November! See what happens when facial hair goes terribly wrong...

No Shave November—what a fun, hairy way to spread awareness about and support a serious issue. But what about those who barely need to shave every other week? Here's what the month's like for us...

In a downtown coffee shop recently, I happened on a group of Hipsters (I know, I couldn't believe it either). My study of Asher, Harmony, Blaze, their footwear, and, well... plenty more

You may have seen a lot in your days, but here's something WAY different for your Friday morning—raucous photos from my night judging the anything-goes contest at the Music Farm

My husband grows out a set of Duck Dynasty-worthy whiskers and gets praised, while I get judged and questioned. Since when is the hair on my man’s face a reflection on ME?

Facial hair: it's big deal for we men. From Ron Jeremy's '80s-porn-star stache to Collin Farrell's not-so badass goatee scruff, there are many different styles—making choosing one a daunting task