Evening Under The Stars At Middleton Place

Renae Brabham
And it began like this. Charleston & Charleston Weddings Magazines welcomes you to a luxe cocktail soiree' that winds through Middleton Place's lush gardens. I relished spirits, tasted sweet and savory bites, and listened to live music in tented lounges. In other words, a heavenly slice of Lowcountry life. 
And that is exactly what the magical night was, and more! "An Evening Under the Stars at Middleton Place."
When I arrived at 6:15, the evening sun was beading and misting the brows of the scurrying Middleton Place staff as they positioned themselves for what promised to be a night to remember. I ventured off onto the cool paths so that I could emerge after the their courts were in order, and the sun dropped into the western sky. My first slice of the aforementioned heaven awaited me there. The thick southern heat and a soft evening breeze wafted heady scents of honeysuckle and jasmine through the landscaped gardens. The reflection pool kerplunked occasionally as a fish gobbled it's late dinner. 


The wildlife rallied in this last hour or so before dark. Squirrels threw blossoms at me from the tree's above, some chased each other ring around the rosie, and I counted a dozen or more alligators on the stroll along the banks and opposite shore. 
When I emerged to meet Joan Perry, the party was cranking up. We sat on one of the lounge settings at the entrance, and watched the beautiful people sashay by. I silently wished I had scrubbed more of the barefoot grass green off of my exposed heels. 


The band started up. The ice started clinking. Smiles and well wishes abound. We flitted back and forth between the tents. I hesitate to call them tents. While getting ready earlier, I imagined a ninety degree plus evening event on the Ashley River and made a few additional swipes with the antiperspirant. But these winsome garden appendages were nothing like the stick tents seen at many events. These were incredible, cool and enchantingly lit. As I stood in the Sundial Garden teepee tent, I professed to another awestruck guest standing beside me that I could live in one of these. Part Yurt, part tent.


A magnificent 4 foot floral cascade hung from the teepee tent, Roses, Hyacinth, berries, and greenery appeared to drip from a driftwood chandelier base. Amazing.  
The paths between the gardens were lit, with the take away moment for me being the chandelier lit woods, a path with soft foot lighting and then pow... a brilliant crystal chandelier!


The food was incredibly displayed and served. My fave's were from Cru Catering. I had the pork cassooulet with tomato-bacon marmalade and crispy duck confit, oyster's middleton and roasted mini potatoes. 


I braked on the dusty exit to roll back my moon roof, not ready just yet to close up the sky for the night. There were so many contributors, so much deliciousness, and eye candy. Literally three to four pages of menu items and contributions. To everyone; the sponsors, event planners, volunteers, staff, and mostly to Charleston Magazine, I thank you for an awesome evening that I will never forget!