Elan Midtown Wines And Dines

Nate Anderson

When you think of an apartment complex, you probably think of window unit air conditioners and sketchy looking carpet that holds a clearly illustrated history of stains, like when your black lab gets into an entire jar of peanut butter, and then decides your carpet is the best place to "settle his stomach." RIP Lasco. What you probably don't think of is tiled floors, granite countertops and walk in closets the size of a small bedroom, at least I don't. Last night, Elan Midtown Boutique Apartments had an invitation only open house to a number of local PR professionals and writers, to showcase their recently finished apartment complex.

The invitations were mailed out in hand-written envelopes. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but to a single, twenty-something, the only handwritten mail I recieve is either another one of my friends falling victim to that whole "marriage" thing, or a previous victim inviting me to a party for their unborn seed, the sole purpose being that the party guests bring them free stuff. It's ok though, they call it a "shower." Being neither of these, it was exciting. Upon entering the modern entry way, glasses of bubbly and pens and customized notecards were distributed before the walking tour began. The place reminded me of a brand new New York styled apartment building. Granted, I've never been inside a New York styled apartment building, but it's how I imagine them to be, especially after growing up watching shows like Seinfeld. The entire building was operated on an indivuduals electronic key or FOB. 

The rooms were, ridiculous. Ridiculous, in a magnificent way, as in, they may have been the nicest rooms I've ever been in. The closets were rooms to themselves. I even thought, "this could be a mini man cave, even if it WAS filled with clothes." I don't think I own enough clothes to fill one of their closets. The entire place is pet friendly, there's an outdoor pool in the center of the building, and that wasn't even the best part of the night. 

As the tour led to the lounge area that held a pool table and flat screen the size of my 4Runner, my heart/stomach skipped a beat. On every flat surface, there were trays of meats and cheeses, and bread, and even more meats and cheeses. There were bottles of wine being cracked open to serve with these meats and cheeses, and even though I'm no wino, and the only reason I go to Bin 152 is for THEIR meats and cheeses, nothing goes better with said treats than a full bodied red. (Is that a wine term?)

The delicious display was put on by none other than the two lovely ladies of Goat Sheep Cow. The selection was amazing. I took a walk around the pool area but my heart was back in the lounge. I had to stop myself from sprinting back inside to post up in a perfect position between the wine and meat tray, but within reach of the bread and cheese. I had the privelage to, between stuffing my face, talk to Trudy, one of the ladies who ran Goat Sheep Cow. I had no idea choosing different cheeses was just as difficult as choosing wines, in that each cheese has a distinct taste depending on how old it is. I asked if severely aged Kraft Singles had any intrinsic value on the cheese market. I said I had some yellow mustard that would pair with them nicely. Per usual, I thought it was much funnier than it actually was.

All in all, the apartments are beautiful, and worth a serious look for anyone in the market for near perfect placement downtown. One of the biggest draws to living downtown is the ability to walk everywhere, and this building is right in the middle of everything. If the rooms were half as nice as the staff, it would be worth it alone. They really have luxury living down to an art over there at Elan Midtown.