Eat. Watch Movie. Repeat. Charleston Film Festival Happens This Weekend

Ann Kaufman


This morning I woke up and thought to myself, "Man, I wish I could have an excuse to eat my face off while watching some interesting films about food this weekend." I mean, sure, my excuse could be something along the lines of "because I'm a food enthusiast who has a thirst for learning more about this amazing culinary culture we have here in Charleston," but let's be real for a minute: the only real reason I have is no reason at all. It's film. And food. I need no excuse.


Quite frankly, neither should you. The 2nd Annual Charleston Food Film Festival is happening this weekend. It started yesterday with a kickoff party at the USS Yorktown with barbecue, but it's not too late to catch the other two events tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight, April 25th, the Food Film Festival is hosting a "Food Porn Party" at High Wire Distilling Company on 652 King Street starting at 7:00 pm. The party will showcase ten short films about food, ranging from fish tacos to chocolate fondue and pair foods made from locally renowned hotspots such as Basico, The Macintosh, HoM, The Farmbar, Butcher & Bee, and more!

As if that's not enough to whet your appetite, the party continues on Saturday, April 26th with the 10th Installment of the "Edible Adventure" series featuring the nationally renowned "Ramen Burger," a burger that replaces the traditional burger bun with a duo of compressed ramen. This food fad took the New York foodie scene by storm last year, and Saturday's party provides not only an opportunity to taste this east-meets-west concoction, but also to meet its original creator, Chef Keizo Shimamoto.  

The Food Film Festival promises to be an exciting night for food and food culture enthusiasts alike. As an added bonus, you can get a 10% discount code by visiting my blog. Trust me, it sure beats eating grocery store sushi while standing up in your kitchen watching "Mad Men" reruns on your iPad on a Friday night. Because of course you don't do that, like, ever, right?

I don't either.