Decorate in the Name of LOVE

Jenny Keenan

Shopping in the name of LOVE is exciting and graphic. Keeping the word and its symbols close to you all year long is a neat idea—after all, love isn't just for Valentines day, is it? Here are more than 20 ideas for working love and romance into your interior design.



Love is all you need... John Lennon said it first, and this heart poster reminds its occupants of what truly matters.



This pink heart art is making me want to redo my whole office. Would this remind me every time I look up how truly blessed I am? How great I a day I was having (even when I thought it was a bad day)? 



What does your stairway to heaven look like? Maybe this is mine—I know there is pink in heaven.



There's nothing sweeter than this hot pink freestanding bathtub... What a stinkin' cutie. 



And yes, this pink door might be Palm Beach-esque, or maybe old Hollywood, but to me, this is the pearly gates. Please, let me in!



And what kind of Valentine's Day design blog would it we without a photo of the classic hot lips settee? Brilliant and Gorge! Bring on the champagne.



Oh, baby... yes, I mean baby. Doesn't every little girl deserve one of these neon heart balloon signs in their room? 


Grab a few heart interchangeable pillows or throws. They are fun to have around even when it isn't Valentine's, and even more special the month of Feburary. 



Although, this red and pink kitchen might seem a little wild, it makes me long for my days being single and having my own apartment. This is totally what I would pull off if I was a single chick living alone: pink, red, pattern, feminine, wild, young, playful. Hope all you lovely young single ladies feel the same! My advice to you, do it while you can... Calling "all the single ladies!"



I love this photo for so many reasons—again with the light-up signs! I love the old vintage look and the old carnival feel of the old light-up letters. 



I am scared to show these red bunk beds to my daughter. She is dying for bunk beds and I am pretty sure this is going to be the one. 



And who doesn't want pink trim? I love the person who would do this in their home, and with the grey grasscloth, the geometric tile, the chrome and marble top vanity, the pink roman shade with the black trim, and the Barbara Barry flush mount light, well, maybe this is the perfect Valentine's Day combination. 



We all need a little romance—this sassy little porch with some warm wicker, graphic pink-and-white striped pillows, and soft sheers is romantic and inviting.



One more "LOVE" before we go. Love it all around, even here in this love frame right above the potty! It really pops on that white, doesn't it? Red love on a white wall.....



This old Andy Warhol print could hang out on my floral walls all day long. Here again, we see how strong and graphic the symbol of love can be.... xoxo



Yes. And pink it is, let's just make the whole space pink



Just love this little dresser vignette—hope it makes your Valentine's Day as much as it makes mine. The sweet life.


What would a Valentine's Day party be without Lily Aldrige on an antique Empire settee upholstered a pink, purple and cream striped silk fabric? With pink and red balloons and a few pink boas... Oh, and that rug and those platform black shoes? Maybe we should celebrate Valentine's all year long.  I want to go to that party. So, to all of you out there, remember Valentine's Day never goes out of style. Will you be mine?