Connelly Confusion

This may not be the kind of list you recite around a crowded Thanksgiving table, but that doesn't mean I can't be grateful I have them...

Friday night I headed to the Memminger Auditorium for an evening to honor those who've given our community so much—as well as a darn good time. Get the scoop on the 8th Annual Giving Back Awards here!

Seriously, though—weird shit happens to, near, in front of, or around me constantly. The latest of which involves a shiny-eyed poodle and a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. Story—and a question for you—here

The heat seems to bring out the crazy, including my own. Here's what gets my blood boiling on the Crosstown, in passing cars, and all over town...

The Fighting Lady played hostess to an '80s throwback party with a decidedly best of the best theme. The plaque for alternates is down in the ladies room

What's a friendly family road trip without a little vomit? Or a fishing trip without getting a fish snared on your shoe? Not one of mine, thank you.... Anyone else live this way? Anyone?

How one stroll down our most fashion forward strip left me thinking that my give-a-damn is busted when it comes to my everyday appearance. Any other moms feel the same?

In pies, sandwiches, salads—there's absolutely NOTHING like a homegrown tomato. And growing them? Practically a Southern art. I prove that here....

I'm a major people watcher—and there was some serious watching to be done last night

Starting June 1. Predictions, plus the similarly frightening Cat 5 weather system brewing in my house. Break out the radar maps, chain saws, and plywood, and let the season commence...

You may think you make the best ribs out there—but these babies will certainly be your first runner-up. Calling for both beer and bourbon, this recipe's perfect for your Memorial Day celebrating

Before Bravo's new reality series begins stabbing us with long-dated stereotypes, here's a newsflash: Charleston is way more interesting than all that... we've got 'burbs, and we know how to use them

My hard-fought green thumb lessons—including the one about not using liquid soap for pesticide and why everyone should grow yard-long pole beans—for a "good-enough" summer garden

Think before you judge—or better yet, don't do it at all, said Rebeccah this week in "5 Things I Never Want to Hear Again." Amen, sister...

"Mommy Wars," "Having it All," the trendy new definition of a "Real" Woman... Here's a list of ridiculous things about parenting and well, LIVING, that ought to be chucked from everyday discourse

Fellow parents, think this couldn't happen to your kids? Think again. Here's the frightening lesson we learned right at our local library

When I heard of the tragedy, my first reaction was to be afraid—to hold my children tight. But today is different. Today, I'm angry and I'm fighting back by showing that love is greater than any evil

She hit the elf on the head... ahem, the NAIL on the head. With the dizzying amount of holiday prep required of most households, is it okay to leave Santa's high-maintenance helpers out in the cold?

So, I know that he's supposed to bring my clan holiday happiness and cheer—but this elf guy gives me the creeps. And I'm busy enough already, thanks. What about you? Do you elf it?

Known as "The Gentle Giants," I found this semi-famed band of Clydesdales earlier today at The Pig in Belle Hall Shopping Center. Did anyone else see them?!