Is Charleston's Economy Improving?

Instant Grit

When was the last time anyone asked you: How is YOUR recession? Seems like the media has a knack for informing us on our own state of affairs—updating us on a nightly basis whether we're making more money or still scraping the bottom of the barrel, whether the clouds have lifted or whether the worst is still to come...



Time out. Nobody's really asking us how things are shaping up, are they? In Charleston, in our jobs, in our bank accounts. Nobody's asked us whether we're still heating up frozen ravioli dinners come Saturday night or saucing it up at Husk ($200 bar bill? No problem, I'll take two)


Are we still sweating out "staycations" in our neighbors' pool (worst idea ever...) or kicking back in a snazzy summer rental in Bar Harbor or Jackson Hole


Bar Harbor Acadia Cottage Rentals


Let's hear it, Charleston. Take Charleston magazine's 10-question Pulse Poll right here. Hit that link and tell us whether your bank balance is still in a state of recession? DEpression? Or flush with cash? If you've looked for a job, has the market been friendly or laughed you clear out of town? Perhaps most importantly, have you changed any pre-Recession habits? 


Grit Bonus! After taking the quiz, share your "splurge" (the answer to question #6) IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW ON GRIT to win a $50 gift certificate to Burwell's. (Note: Just writing it ON the quiz won't do it—you've gotta share it on the quiz and below to be eligible.) We'll pick one answer at random and the gift certificate's all yours. Do it now! Contest closes Thursday, August 1 at 5 p.m. Be sure to sign into the comment field in a way that allows us to notify you later (FB, Twitter, gmail, etc.).  


Cover Photos: Gibbes Museum (left) and The Glitter Guide