Charleston Rapper Ray DeeZy Launches new EP

Betsey Geier

Local rapper, Ray DeeZy, returns to the Lowcountry with his third musical effort and EP “When it all Boils Down,” which highlights the influence of Gulluh Geechee cuisine and seafood on Gullah Geechee culture.

Born and raised in Goose Creek, Ray DeeZy has been quietly on the rise in the music industry. He released his first solo project, “Pardon my Pimpin,” in 2017 and followed it up with an EP “No Love Lost” in the early part of 2018.

On Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m., Ray DeeZy will launch his latest EP at Fair Deal Grocery’s kitchen The Spot 47 located in downtown Charleston.

Fair Deal Grocery has been serving the Lowcountry since 1953 and re-opened last year with its kitchen. On its website it claims to be the best-kept little secret of Charleston. It offers a multitude of services including a grocery story with the coldest beer in town, an internet café with free wifi, and a restaurant with food that is “off the chain.”

At this event, Ray DeeZy will also be launching his brand, Deezyland, which he hopes to spin into his own music label, merchandise line, and community partnerships.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ride The Spot 47 Party Bus around downtown for $10.