An OFF-Camera Look at The Today Show Filmed in Chas

Instant Grit
The wake-up Tweet from Hoda came early this morninglike pre-5 a.m. earlySo up and at 'em we got and headed to the College of Chareston's Cistern Yard. The occasion? The taping of The Today Show's Thursday and Friday 4th-hour installment, hosted by the spirit-loving (alcohol spirits, of course) duo Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb


Yes, thanks to the efforts from the folks at the Charleston Area CVB, they and a team of 60 production and crew members packed their bags and headed south for a two-and-a-half-day working vacay here in Chas. We who live here aren't surprised they chose to visit—we are, after all, the top city in the world, no?



Well, on stage during the broadcasts (filmed at 8 and 10 a.m.), the ladies lived it up. They sipped drinks mixed and delivered by some hunky Cocktail Club bartenders, munched on thick slices of the Peninsula Grill's famed coconut cake, and watched birds of prey swoop and dive about the CofC campusall this after spending Tuesday evening and Wednesday touring Drayton Hall in hoop skirts and bonnets, carriage-touring about town, eating soft-shell crab and fried mashed potatoes at our top-notch restaurants, and—duh—day drinking.   


Speaking of drinking: during a quick Q&A with the ladies, Grit asked the question that's on many minds: How do they drink wine at 10:00 in the morning and actually be productive for the rest of the day? Hoda's response: "We don't drink THAT much." Kathie Lee's: "We have what my daddy used to call, 'a little sip of something' and that's it." Aaaah... Baby sips. Got it. 


Once that was laid to rest, we made our way into the crowd, where a sea of signs waited to tell the world hello and to contradict KLG and Hoda's above statements. 



But whatevs. Whether they have one sip of their drinks or chug them alltheir fans love them just the same. And judging by the time that went into those signs and the droves of people in the crowd this morning: these women have some dang devoted fans



And why shouldn't they? They rock looks The Hat Ladies would approve of.



... And give sassy smirks.



Their presence in town brought this sign to fruition... 



... along with this bacon-flavored vodka and egg breakfast cocktail (whipped up by folks from Eli's Table). 



And, more than anything, they've shined yet another spotlight on this city we love so dear. Hoda's thoughts on Charleston? "It's contagious. You come once, and you can't imagine never coming back."

So thanks, KLG and Hoda, for sharing a slice of our delicious, coconut cake-flavored life with The Today Show world. You're welcome back anytime.

Check out video from this morning's live show here, and tune into NBC tomorrow at 10 a.m. for the second installment of their Charleston coverage, during which you'll learn who they've dubbed the "perfect Southern gentleman," and more.